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ENERGY (OIL & GAZ, THERMICAL, Renewable energy sectors, Water, Mining…)

MADIFF provide services to major industrial principals in the nuclear, thermal, water, renewable energy sectors. etc.
Our teams are involved from the study to the installation and maintenance of production units.

Engineering and R&D

  • Mechanics
  • Process
  • Piping
  • Boiler works
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Naval engineering

General installations

  • Installation design
  • Layout studies
  • Equipment analysis (fluids, paths, piping, ventilation)
  • Site surveys
  • Assembly specifications

Electricity/automated control systems/instrumentation

  • Functional analysis
  • EAI control command design
  • Loop diagrams
  • Programmable logic controller programming
  • Integration of robot-controlled units
  • Data acquisition and processing

Calculation & simulation

  • Dimensioning
  • Calculations
  • Seismic resistance

Mechanical/valves/sheet metal work

  • Design, dimensioning and development of machines and equipments
  • Kinematic study
  • Flow study
  • Handling study
  • Process design

Project management services

  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Technical coordination
  • Configuration control development

Supply chain management

  • Vendor management services, from procurement to project management
  • Quality control engineering
  • Technology consulting
  • Industrial operations
  • Process flow optimisation – Lean management